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Updating the Sample Membership Plan

By default, your new site comes with a pre-made (sample) monthly membership plan that protects your on-demand yoga library, only accessible to members. This is the most common scenario of a membership plan.

If you don’t need to make further customizations aside from updating the price of the membership plan, you can follow these steps:

  • From your dashboard click on “Manage membership products”
  • Click on the Membership Product (Sample Membership).
Sample Membership Product Page
Sample Membership Product Page

From the product screen:

  1. Here you can change/update the title of your monthly membership product.
  2. Change the URL (link) or your product (optional).
  3. Change the description of your membership product. (Note: You can write a simple description about the benefits/features of joining your membership instead of a list.)
  4. Change the price of your monthly membership.
  5. Here you can offer an optional period of time to wait before charging the first recurring payment (optional).
  6. Update the image of your monthly membership product.

Don’t forget to click “Update” once you’re done.